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What’s new on the Laura Lee Jewellery website this autumn

What’s new on the Laura Lee Jewellery website this autumn

You might have noticed that things are looking a bit different around these parts. As well as a swish rebrand and new logo, we’ve made a few tweaks and updates to the website that we’re excited to share with you.

Here’s what’s new:

Introducing our Treasure Trove

Next up is something really exciting. Treasure Trove is our brand new loyalty programme where you can collect points as you shop (one point per pound, to be exact). 

But that’s not the only way. You can also gain points by referring friends (550 points), following us on social media (150 points), and adding information to your account (100 points). 

When you’ve racked up enough points, you can turn them into money-off vouchers with a simple click – every 50 points saves you £1 on your next order. We’ll keep track of them for you, just check in to your My Account to see how you’re getting on and how much you have to spend!

Find more information on how to collect points and save money with Treasure Trove.

A new way to book appointments

You can book an appointment to discuss any and all bespoke jewellery needs. If you’ve booked an appointment with us previously, you’ll have probably arranged it by email. Now, we’ve made it easier than ever to book a consultation with Laura, with no back and forth.

With our new online booking system, you can choose the most convenient time and date for you, as well as add notes ahead of your Zoom consultation. 

A note on our new packaging

In line with our updated look, we also have new packaging in the works. However, we still have a lot of our classic packaging featuring our old logo and colours. As a brand, we’re very conscious of the materials we use and aim to minimise our use of plastic, so the idea of throwing away perfectly good packaging was a huge no-no!

Instead, we’ll be using our classic packaging until it runs out, which we estimate will be May 2022. After that, we’ll start rolling out the new designs.

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