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About Laura

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Laura Lee Jewellery - the story behind the brand.

Laura Lee is run by free-thinking, independent women and our clientele are no different. We understand each of our customers has a unique story to tell and in turn our jewellery can be customised and personalised to reflect the differences in all of us.

Laura's love of jewellery began as a child, when she made her first necklace using sequins given to her by her father. Laura trained in costume jewellery in the 1980's, before moving into precious metals as she honed her craft. The turning point came when Laura's Mother gave her a charm bracelet, heavy with trinkets, collected from their family's vast travels around the world.

Nowadays Laura has settled in London - her boutique in the bustling Covent Garden and her workshop in Bloomsbury. Here she is the creative force behind the dedicated team that make up Laura Lee Jewellery.

Laura Lee’s eclectic mix of luxury jewellery allows the wearer to layer and combine precious metals & gemstones with signature antique coins & custom engravings however they wish - tying together Laura's passion for artefacts and natural materials as well as the very human need to adorn ourselves with precious mementos, that tell our story.

"Luxury Jewellery inspired by ancient artefacts & the natural world. Created by hand for free thinking collectors, since 1985."