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All you need is Love – and jewellery from our newest collection

All you need is Love – and jewellery from our newest collection

Our new All You Need Is Love collection has landed and it’s 💙 at first sight. Featuring shimmering opals and heart-shapes, Laura has channelled a dreamy 70s vibe – including touches of baroque pearls, diamonds and emerald accents – for a sugar-free, retro seaside feel.

White Australian opals feature heavily throughout the collection and these shimmery, luminous gems capture a myriad of colours. Iridescent opals come to life in the summer sun, but they look beautiful year-round. As the birthstone for October, there’s never been a better time to wear or gift opals.

Another motif you’ll see popping up throughout the collection is the classic heart shape. It’s one of our most over-used emojis – and for good reason. Carved from opals in glittering seaside shades, these heart-shaped jewels are a million miles from the saccharine sweet pink and red love hearts you might find elsewhere. Our opal hearts are framed by gold for pieces that embrace romance, but without the schmaltz.

Keep an eye out for our new Loveheart Opal Signet Ring where a lustrous heart-shaped opal elevates this classic style. You’ll also find a variety of pearl and opal charms that pair beautifully with our skinny huggy hoops. As well as hand-crafted hearts, we’ve created a range of other opal styles from sheer beads to marquise cuts to teardrop charms and pendants that shimmer like mermaid tears. 

Everything in the collection pairs beautifully for a cohesive story in opal and gold. Or, you can layer these pieces with other gold charms and talismans to add playful, iridescent colour and mysterious magic to your everyday staples.

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