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The End of An Era and the Beginning of a New One

The End of An Era and the Beginning of a New One

Dear friends,

Last week I handed back the keys to our ancestral home 42 Monmouth Street, the beating heart of Laura Lee Jewellery for over 16 years.

It was emotional!

After being pushed off a cliff by Covid 19 we had to learn how to survive in the online only world and thanks to you - all our fabulous customers and friends we made it!

It was scary but you know how it goes – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and all that. 

I want to thank all of my outstanding staff members who over the years made 

42 Monmouth Street so much more than a mere shop…there are many of you out there but I want to make a special mention of the more recent members of staff who made it the safe, welcoming and charming space it became for me and our friends and customers – the gorgeous Donovan Sisters Rachel and Rea, the classy and glamorous Nicky and our Saturday stars Sophie and Lee. And of course, last but most certainly not least, Sharlene aka Dolly who gave great customer service and kept everything trucking along, was always on my side, being the legendary ambassador for us for more than a decade. The Queen of retail and the most stylish person I know - I couldn’t have done it without you.

I have plans up my sleeve for ways to see you in real life (watch this space) while in the meantime I can meet with you in either my London studio or in St Leonards on Sea, where I have a mini Monmouth Street atelier and you can grab some fish n chips on the way home.

Onwards and upwards.


Laura xx

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