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The sea below the stars: Introducing our Nightswimming collection

The sea below the stars: Introducing our Nightswimming collection

For the mermaids, the sea dreamers, and the wild swimmers beneath the stars.

After a recent move to live by the sea, Laura was inspired to create ‘Nightswimming’, our new spring/summer collection influenced by the rush of blue seas, the vast skies above them and the constant ebb and flow of the natural world.

nightswimming necklaces
Laura was also inspired by artist Yayoi Kasama’s Infinity Mirror Room installations and her ‘The Scent of a Flower Garden’, as well as Peter Doig’s painting ‘Milky Way’ – a rendering of inky, star-strewn skies reflected in the water.

These seaside inspirations manifest themselves in the collection through blue-green gems, like half-moons of lapis lazuli, turquoise dots and emerald accents. You’ll also find nods to the sea through a range of marine motifs. Our Mixed Metals feature in a new range of talismanic coins, inscribed with shells and seascapes at midnight.

Nightswimming rings

The collection includes charms to add to our huggy hoops, tiny gemstone studs, half-moon rings and tiny stacking bands that look like little mermaid crowns.

Transport yourself to the sea and shop the Nightswimming collection now!

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