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Pearls - The birthstone for June

Pearls - The birthstone for June

Since before written history began, the ancients believed gemstones connected us to mystical forces governed by the planets. They believed a stone could conduct energy from its ruling planet. And so these gems were divided by both zodiac and month to become the calendar of birthstones we recognise today.

This month, the birthstone in the spotlight is the pearl. This pale and interesting beauty is the only animal-made stone on earth, and has come to be known as a classic for many different occasions. If June is your birth month, then lucky you! But you don’t need an upcoming birthday as an excuse to drape yourself in shimmering pearls. June is also a popular month for weddings, and pearls are the perfect bridal gem. Read on to find out why:

The symbolism of pearls

In ancient Greece, it was thought that pearls were the hardened joyous tears of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and in many modern-day cultures pearls symbolise purity and innocence, due to their white colouring. They also represent honesty, chastity and humility. The colour white is associated with Christian holy days, and is worn in all sorts of special church services, from baptisms to weddings.

When to wear pearls?

With its neutral shade and subtle shine, a pearl pendant goes with everything, and a string of pearls has long been recognised as a classy choice for jewellery. Pearls are also the perfect choice for occasionwear. Not only does the colour complement a white bridal outfit, but pearls have come to be thought of as a traditional symbol of the lasting love and commitment between two people.

They’re also a lovely gift for bridesmaids or the mother of the bride, as pearls will match most dress colours and will complement the bride’s outfit, too.

The gift of a pearl

A pearl is the perfect gift for a bride-to-be or your partner. And there’s no better time to gift it than right before the wedding! If you’ve already tied the knot, then pearls also make thoughtful anniversary gifts. Their enduring nature will remind you of the commitment you both share. You can’t go wrong gifting jewellery featuring this beautiful, pure stone.

Our pearls

We have a vast range of jewellery featuring high-quality, high-lustre pearls, all described as AAA quality in the gem and pearl industry. At once simple and classic, our lustrous baroque pearls are the perfect gift. Browse our Baroque Pearl Necklace and matching Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings, that both catch the light beautifully.

If you’re lucky enough to have a birthday or wedding coming up this month, it’s time to start dropping a few hints about this special stone to your friends and your significant other...

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