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Sapphire ~ The birthstone of September babies.

Sapphire ~ The birthstone of September babies

As far back as 800BC sapphires have been hailed as the most precious of gemstones bringing with them gifts of fulfillment, joy, prosperity and inner peace. For centuries, they were believed to have been a guardian of innocence, a bestower of truth and a symbol of protection for good health. Kings would wear sapphires around their necks as a strong defense against harm and in today’s world we believe Queens should wear them as a powerful talisman.

Even though the word sapphire is derived from the Latin word ‘saphirus’ and the Greek word ‘sapheiros’ ~ both meaning blue ~ the surprising thing about Sapphires is the array of beautiful colours they come in. Here, at LLJ, we are big fans of the gem when it arrives in dark grey hues as well as pale greens, burnt oranges, lemon yellows and hot pink, as well as the classic vivid blue we are more familiar with.

Hailing from as far afield as Burma, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Australia and Thailand sapphires are often found in the same geographical settings as their sister stone the ruby and are highly valued due to their hardness and bright shine. With that durability in mind they make perfect stones for engagement rings, cocktail rings, special occasion earrings and every other incarnation that Laura Lee finds to showcase these stunning rainbow coloured precious gemstones.



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