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Laura is taking a sabbatical

Laura is taking a sabbatical

Dear One and All,

I want to let you know that I will soon be taking a sweet little sabbatical, partly for family reasons but also to have a rest and a think – I have been working hard for almost 40 years and like us all there has been ALOT to deal with; including so much change for my little business that I need a break and some time to plan a re-set.

So please have a browse and treat yourself to some of the treasures in our Outlet Store before I hit the road. All of the items are either one of a kind or retired styles that will never be made again. 

If you would like me to make something specially for you please get in touch as this is my favourite thing to do…the deadline for starting this process is June 1st which will give me enough time to get this done for you before I leave at the end of July.

Once I have recharged my batteries and feel ready to return to the workshop I will be back with a new version of Laura Lee Jewellery. In the meantime I will be keeping in touch via Instagram and the occasional newsletter - if you want to say hi please email me at

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