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From dusk to dawn: Try our darkly romantic Nocturne collection

From dusk to dawn: Try our darkly romantic Nocturne collection

The seasons are changing, bringing longer nights and a slower pace of living. Our newest collection, Nocturne, embraces this shift, mirroring the fading colours of dusk and the encroaching darkness beyond. 

Launching in time for party season, Nocturne was made to glimmer by flickering candlelight. The collection features a select range of jewels and metals that exude a low-key baroque mood with a gothic edge. You’ll find shimmering abalone shell, peacock pearls, gold, and diamonds with moody blackened metals for a highly distilled palette. Subtle dusky colour weaves throughout the designs in the form of dirty emeralds, opals, tourmaline and milky agate.

A few designs are available in both light and dark colourways, depending on your personal style and preferences. True to their namesake time of day, the Twilight Totem Drop Earrings balance light and dark in two variations, layering creamy pearls with white opal and yellow gold in one design, and peacock pearls with grey opal and white gold in the other.

Several pieces feature picture agate stones in pendants and a statement ring. These eye-catching stones are one-of-a-kind and are available in the cool tones of a misty night, like the Milky Nocturne Necklace, or the warm tones of an old photograph, like the Sepia Nocturne Necklace. 

You’ll also find simpler, classic embellishments nestled amid the high, dark glamour. Our hand-etched Loved Ring Band is perfect for everyday – and every night – wear, as is the Woman in Gold Eye of Horus necklace, a take on the classic Ancient Egyptian symbol in smooth gold and bright diamond. 

The Nocturne collection combines a wide range of inspirations, from Egyptian hieroglyphics to the mid-war Viennese cabaret scene to Vortex Spinners. From the art world, Laura drew from Gustav Klimt’s gold period, Alexander Calder’s spirals, the paintings of Otto Dix and Max Beckmann, and the Red-tail Black Cockatoos photographed by Leila Jeffreys.

Laura was also inspired by charismatic icons such as Liza Minelli in Cabaret, Siouxsie Sioux and Morticia Addams, all women who channel bewitching high glamour with an edgy twist.

Ready to embrace the dark side? This cohesive collection can easily be mixed and matched or choose your favourite piece to vamp up your jewellery box for the season ahead.

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