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Maenads - The inspiration behind 'Trove'

Trove has now arrived online and in our Covent Garden boutique & the response so far has been amazing - thanks to everyone who's popped in and had a look.

Laura Lee Jewellery Sapphire & 9ct Gold Rings & Spinning Tudor Rose Coin Ring in 9ct Gold
9ct Gold Sapphire Nestling & Wishbone Rings plus The Rose & Crown Spinning Coin Ring

In this collection Laura focuses in on her favourite talisman - the coin. We think coins are a wonderful mark of history - each depicting a time, a place and a narrative; they enable us to peek into another world & another way of life.

Laura has hand-picked coins from her own collection as well as buying key pieces from coin specialists and dealers, ensuring that each piece is as rich in history as it is in aesthetic.

The Nymph Ring in 9ct Gold & Silver from Laura Lee Jewellery - Trove Collection
The Nymph Ring with Sterling Silver Coin & 9ct Gold Bezel & Shank

The final pieces range from Shillings & Sixpence, to Ancient Greek & Antique Spanish currency - all of which has been moulded and then cast into 9ct Gold & Silver so they can be crafted into fine, wearable jewellery.

Laura Lee Jewellery is very much a female-led company, and as you may have guessed we really like our jewellery, but what we also really love is when the jewellery Laura designs has a female-centric story behind it. We were so excited when we found out the history behind the Maenad coin that features in our Nymph Necklace, Bracelet & Ring.

The coin that was the inspiration behind this piece is a Silver Tetrabol & comes form Euboia, Histiaia 340BC. The front of the coin which you can see below & above, set into the bezel of the ring, is an image of a Maenad. 

EUBOIA, Histiaia. 3rd-2nd centuries BC. AR Tetrobol (14mm, 2.11 g, 12h). Wreathed head of MAENAD right / Nymph seated right on prow of galley; wing on prow, trident below. BCD Euboia 387; HGC 4, 1524. VF, toned.

Maenad's were the female followers of Dionysus, the god of winemaking, fertility, ritual madness and theatre (basically all the good stuff!). Maenad literally translates as 'raving ones' and these women were often portrayed as inspired by Dionysus into a state of 'ecstatic frenzy' through a combination of dancing and intoxication.  

The Maenads were originally nymphs, and later human Priestesses who carried on the traditions of their Foremothers in dance, song, feasting, free sexual expression and ritual, and all the revelries of life and the body.

There is such a rich and vibrant history behind these forgotten wild women - we're so pleased that Laura has managed to encapsulate the spirit of these icons, in jewellery that can be worn everyday. Ours are on order!

Maenad - Dionysus Followers Priestesses. Wild women




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