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What to do if your Laura Lee Jewellery chain breaks...

Our jewellery is carefully and meticulously crafted in order to avoid breakages whenever possible - but sometimes the worst does happen and your chain may break.

Chain breakages happen for various reasons, the most common being an accidental tug (usually by younger humans), simple wear and tear over the years, use of cosmetics /perfumes (we'll come back to that later) & very rarely there can be a fault in the chain.

We endeavor to make the chain replacement process as painless and as easy as possible so read on to find out what you can do in the event of a breakage.

1. Get in touch! Let us know what's happened. Please please please do not send your chain off to a generic jewellers to be fixed. Most of our chains can not be repaired if broken mid-link, and having them soldered back together by jewellers not familiar with the fine nature of our jewellery will actually weaken the chain elsewhere.

You can either email us or pop into our boutique. We'll help however we can and lead you through the process.

2. If you choose to drop your item off at the boutique, make sure you bring the pendant/charm with the chain. All our charms are fixed to the chain so they don't slide off by accident - we'll need to reattach the charm once your chain has been replaced.

Similarly, if you do not live locally, you can post the broken chain (and pendant) to the boutique. The address is:

Laura Lee Jewellery
42 Monmouth Street

Ensure you include your details within the package so we know where to send it back to and post it either Recorded or Special Delivery so it is not lost in transit.

3. Once received & our workshop team have taken a look at it we'll either email or call you to let you know what your options are.

  • If the necklace has been tugged or has broken due to wear and tear, this will be because the chain has stretched and then snapped. We can measure the chain and tell by the shape of the links if this is the case.
  • If there is a fault in the chain it will break fairly quickly once you start wearing it - we'll be able to see the fault in the link.
  • Additionally if the clasp of the chain has broken we can fix this ourselves and there will be no charge.
  • Finally sometimes cosmetics and perfumes have ingredients that actually erode the metal causing the jewellery to snap - this is explained in our jewellery care section over here >>> Laura Lee Jewellery Care

4. Our replacement chain fee's are as follows. If you'd like a specific length chain that is not shown below, or a heavier weight of chain please get in touch so we can quote you a price.

Sterling Silver
16" - £20
18" - £25
20" - £30
25" - £30
9ct Gold (Yellow, Rose & White Gold)
16" - £50
18" - £60
20" - £70
25" - £95

All our replacement chains are at a discounted rate - we sell these to existing customers at cost price and we do not make a profit.

5. Once your replacement chain has been paid for we'll either send it back to the boutique so you can pick it up, or we'll send it back to you in the post. We charge £8 for Special Delivery so it is insured and trackable.

& that's it! If we've missed anything feel free to contact us and ask all the questions!


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