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The Spring Edit

Our long weekend is over. Sadface. BUT! The sun is a-shining! The sky is blue! It looks like Spring has finally decided to arrive. Thanks ever so Mother Nature!

So what do we do when the weather is spectacular? Think about what jewellery to wear... obviously. Jeez.

We've put together a sweet little edit for our favourite people (THAT'S YOU) - combining our delicate beaded pieces in all the jolly colours, combined with many a stacking ring - its time to clash and add a little (or a lot) of colour to all the grey and navy we've all got pretty used to wearing over the colder months. Click here >>>>for the full edit

So there we go, here's some jewellery to match your care-free, skipping-to-work, lets-get-our-clogs-out, disposition!

beaded necklaces in 9ct yellow gold, emerald, ruby and tanzanite. pack shots on a white background. laura lee jewellery

Our 9ct Yellow Gold & Precious Stone Sleeper Necklaces look great by themselves, layered up together, or layered up with your own pieces! These ones are Emerald, Tanzanite & Ruby but we also have them in Turquoise, Agate & Pearl. (All stones are hyperlinks!)

    Ruby, Tanzanite & Emerald Thread-Through Earrings by Laura Lee Jewellery on a white background. Pack shot images. By Laura Lee Jewellery, London  

These elegant beasts add a touch of class to your ripped jeans - 9ct Yellow Gold with Tanzanite, Ruby & Emerald Drops

turquoise, labradorite and cornelian stone rings set into 9ct yellow gold. white background. pack shot images. by laura lee jewellery

And theres a lot more where these came from! These are our brand new 'Atom' rings - pictured here (from the top) is the 9ct Yellow Gold & Turquoise, 9ct Yellow Gold & Cornelian  and the 9ct Yellow Gold & Labradorite bands. We have many more stackable rings available >>> just click here

For the full edit click here <<<<<<<<

Enjoy! And a very happy sunny Tuesday to you all.

Remember all these pieces are available to buy at our Covent Garden based boutique. Click to view location details.

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