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The Christmas Countdown Has Begun!


There are only 75 days before Christmas! We're preparing right now for our busiest period of the year and probably our busiest year to date!

"Why are you telling us this now?" I hear you cry! "We've got ages!"

And yes you do, you don't need to panic. However! If you were thinking of buying a loved one something engraved, personalised or bespoke you need to get in there early. Throughout the year our turnaround for personalised pieces is usually 4 weeks, however at Christmas, things go a little crazy and we need the full 6 weeks. So please get in touch with us if you have something in mind! We'll get things rolling super early so there will be no last minute panics!

In the mean time, enjoy the remaining light evenings and say goodbye to the glorious summer we've been having!

Much love,

The LLJ team xxxx

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