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#mylauralee - win £50 of LLJ!


We've said it once, we'll say it many more times, Laura Lee Jewellery love our customers! Not only do you ensure we don't go bust, but you're all amazing people who we have built precious friendships with over the years.

You're a varied, creative and beautiful bunch who forever inspire us! And so we have a new venture - a little experiment for you all to take part in.

We want to know how you wear Laura Lee Jewellery. We want to see how you mix it up, wear it with your other (non Laura Lee) jewellery and create your own 'look' with your most treasured pieces. We want to see old with new, styles colliding and brands inter-mingling. What we love about Laura's pieces is they're made for layering, for mixing, and they're made for the every-day.

In the wonderful modern world we live in today, we get to share whatever we want, whenever we want so please please please post your jewellery on your instagrams, on your facebooks, your twitter accounts, pinterests, flickrs and email them to us. And the most important thing? So we can find you: hashtag it! #mylauralee





And this effort will not be in vain! As well as inspiring us and those around you (we'll be reposting your pictures on our instagram!), your contribution to the #mylauralee experiment will automatically enter you into a little competition every single month. Every month the staff at Laura Lee Jewellery will rifle through all their favourite #mylauralee pictures and we'll pick our favourite. And you will receive a gift voucher for £50. We want to give back to our most loyal and wonderful of customers and this is our chance! So please take those pictures and hashtag them #mylauralee. We'll be posting them on our social media channels for all and sundry to see!

Thank you all so much for being ace! We wouldn't be here without you!

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