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Did we mention we have the most wonderful customers? Maybe we did! But our customers also make the most beautiful brides.

We always feel so honoured when our customers choose us to make their engagement and wedding rings. And so honoured to be a part of these people's special days! Especially when they send us their wedding photos afterwards.

image-1 image-3

The lovely Elke and Georg! They chose our Weathered bands to do the deed!

Vicky Doyle

Chris and Vicky Wedding Jpegs Full size-6104

Two tiny pictures of Vicky and her Groom!



And Lisa wearing our Pearl Drop Necklace.

Thank you so much for sending us your pictures! We love receiving them.

We offer a fully bespoke service on engagement and wedding rings and we also have a bridal collection available! - just get in touch with our boutique on 0207 3799050 to book an appointment with Laura. Or alternatively email us

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