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Yet again another of our favourite customers, this time Anna, shows off a combination of her Laura Lee pieces - old and new...


Anna wears the 9ct Rose Gold Bunny necklace from the "Its a wonderful world" collection, Diamond set 9ct white gold horseshoe necklace from... a collection I can't even remember teamed with the initial tear drop charm in antiqued silver. And lastly a huuuuge beast of a sapphire set florin that she has recently had the workshop add a little James I rhodium plated coin from our new Blue Moon Collection, to. We love it!

Get the look!


Again all of this is available on our website.

Starting from the top:

1.9ct Yellow Gold Initial Coin Necklace on 10ct Yellow Gold Chain2. 9ct Rose Gold Owl Necklace with Diamond Eyes on 10ct Rose Gold Chain 3. Antiqued Silver Engraved Teardrop Lovetoken Necklace on 10ct Yellow Gold Chain 4. And lastly, this beast from the new Blue Moon collection - soon to be on the website! It's our 9ct Rose Gold Mounted, Blue Rhodium plated Silver Ancient English coin on 10ct Rose Gold Chain. If you'd like to preorder this piece please get in touch with the boutique on 02073799050.

We hope you like!

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