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Our wonderful customers...

We really do like our customers - I know I know, every company says that. But we really mean it. Some of our customers have become our good friends; our favourite customers drop by just to say hi and sometimes they even bring us presents. We like those ones the best.

One of our lovely customers Pilar dropped by last week and we really liked how she was wearing our jewellery. Sometimes working in a shop or for a brand you get a little stuck in your ways - you need other people to show you just how to wear the product to keep it fresh and exciting. Thank you Pilar for showing us your stack...


Here's a little close up of those beauties...


She's done us proud!


Top to bottom - All of these are available from our website

1. Our 9ct yellow gold and diamond triple tube set ring 2. 9ct yellow gold hexagonal engraved band 3. 18ct diamond eternity band 4. 9ct yellow gold engraved band "We are all made of stars".

How do you wear yours? We would love to know! Send your pictures in to

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