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18ct Gold Earrings - Boutique Exclusive

If you didn't have enough reasons to visit our boutique in the charming Seven Dials Covent Garden... here's another.

We have a very special cabinet in our boutique that houses our finest jewellery. Our 18ct gold and super precious stones pieces live within it and these pieces are all one offs and never available from our website.

We thought it was about time we gave our online customers a sneaky peek at some of our favourite earrings from the cupboard - and the good news is, if you absolutely MUST HAVE any of the following items, just call the shop and our lovely ladies will arrange payment and delivery for you over the phone.

photo 3

18ct yellow gold and pink opal drop earrings.

photo 2-2

18ct yellow gold and diamond set silver bead double drop earrings

photo 1-3

18ct yellow gold and rock crystal drop earrings.

photo 1-1

18ct yellow gold and turquoise triple drop earrings

photo 4-3

18ct gold and Cornelian drop earrings

& a few of the items from our exclusive "Ten of Ten" collection.

photo 2

large 18ct yellow gold hoops with tiny sapphire, ruby, cornelian & fire opal drops

feat Laura-Lee-Earrings-3

large 18ct yellow gold hoops with turquoise, tanzanite, kyanite, apatite, emerald and chrysophrase droplets.


medium 18ct yellow gold hoops with freshwater pearl & grey diamond droplets.

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