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Interview with Ms Laura Lee


With our "Ten of Ten" launch fast approaching, we thought we'd have a little sit down with Laura Lee herself and have a little chat...


Why did you decide to open a store on Monmouth Street Ms Lee?

 I have always loved Monmouth Street as it has lots of personality and charming shops, while the clincher was that one of my best mates had his handbag shop two doors down from mine, which was great for the moral support and a Friday night drink!

 What has been the highlight of the past ten years?

 The highlight of all these years has been the gorgeous people I have had the pleasure to work with and all the lovely customers we have met and befriended.

 What have been your favourite collections from the last ten years?

 My favourite collection is 'Ten of Ten'…with me it’s always about what is coming next, but there were some pieces that I really felt pleased about when we started thinking about the Ten of Ten collection. Some I think are particularly successful are the sequins, the Loop the Loop story and ‘She’s a Lady’ shell cameos.

 Where do you get your inspiration from?

 Inspiration comes from looking, thinking and listening and there isn’t really any logic to it - it always starts with a feeling that is hard to describe in words. I might see something at an exhibition or it might be the way somebody wears something in the street that will set off a train of thought. And usually comes when I’m not thinking about designing.

 What is your process when building up to a new collection?

 I will usually make a mood board with things that feel right and from there I start thinking about the jewellery I would like to make and wear. I do some drawing and then make the first pieces and then go back again to the mood board and so on until hey Presto there is a collection.

What is your favourite piece from 10 of 10?

 My favourite piece is the rose gold band ring set with old cut diamonds …can’t help loving diamonds!

 What are you hoping for in the next ten years?

 The freedom to be creative...

Who is the Laura Lee Jewellery customer?

 The Laura Lee customer is a free spirited individual who knows their own mind and likes to make the jewellery their own...


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