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Love Letter To David Bowie

“We can be Heroes”bowie

I fell back in LOVE with the man who never gets it wrong and always gets it right when I went to the ‘David Bowie IS’ show this summer at the V&A…( I had to go twice it was so damn good).bowie1

From ‘Space Oddity’ to the ‘Stars Are Out Tonight’ and everything in between, his tunes have been in my head all my post teen life...the sight of him on Top of the Pops back in the day was the most thrilling thing to hit me in my North London living room – Thursday nights were never the same again, well nothing was in fact.david-bowie

David BOWIE IS, Was, and Always Will Be.


 Laura xx


 PS I have made a new wish coin necklace in homage to the man with a very special Bowie lyric…coming soon online and in store for all you DB fans!bowiecigarette

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