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This month sees the launch of the stunning
collaboration between the acclaimed German photographer,
Bettina von Zwehl and our very own Laura Lee.

Taking inspiration from the original Eye Miniatures
which were so popular in the early nineteenth- century,
Bettina took delicate and detailed photographs of her family's eyes
 to use as the subject of her most recent work.

 Both Bettina's husband and daughter, Ruby have been immortalised
within these beautiful 18ct Gold and White Diamond works of art.

Both the ring and the necklace have been set with a clear Quartz face, which allows a crisp and perfect window into an intimate and emotional piece of work.

This collaboration has seen a perfect realisation of
 two extremely talented women,
the pair have not only made something sentimental
 and elegant in concept, they have created a 
beautiful and powerful collection of art.

The exhibition will be showing at the Holbourne Museum of Bath, 
from the 22nd May until the 1st September 2013. 


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