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Hold Fast Paris!

Better late then never some may say...
Apologies readers for the lengthy delay,
we are however back on deck!

'Welcome 'a' board The lady Laura Lee'.

Paris, Premiere Classe March 2013
was lots of fun, and very busy indeed!
The debut of our Autumn/Winter collection, 
'Hold Fast'
went down a treat!

Discreet in its sparkliness, our nautical theme 
wrapped its way around our stand,
creating a casual, moody seascape scene.

  We wanted to keep the look quite clean and fresh, 
and so kept our fisherman rope memorabilia to a minimum...

but then we added glitter!

With a winning combination of showing not only our seasonal collection,
but also our Classic Bestsellers.
Our time in Paris was met with much enthusiasm,
as you can see by the smiles!

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