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Be My Valentine's. Exclusively!

 With a flutter of our eyelashes, we ask,
'Will you be mine?'

For a special romantic treat LLJ have made a Valentine's Exclusive 
collection of necklaces just for you.

Solely available in our gorgeous Boutique and Online Shop
we offer to you a tantalising trio ...

You'll want to sing along to the melodic inscription,
'Rien que Toi, Moi, Nous'
 which is so delicately engraved onto 15mm coins, on an 18" chain.
Perfect to layer up with the rest of your LLJ family!

 In three delectable materials, we have a necklace for anyone!
Available in Silver, £175,
and Yellow and Rose Gold Plate, £195.
With an adorable ruby detail on each piece.

These necklaces were made in a small quantity, and available for a 
limited time only,
so unfortunately once they are all gone we won't have them again.

So whether you are hinting, hunting, or a plain ol'jewellery lover,
we wish you a
Wonderful Valentine's Day


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