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Christmas Deadline for Personalised Jewellery⏳

Christmas Deadline for Personalised Jewellery⏳

For the organised amongst us Christmas present buying can be a joy. Lists are made in advance, gifts are ordered in plenty of time and the buildup to the big day is relatively calm.

For the rest – the mere mortals amongst us - shopping for multiple presents at the busiest time of year can be a bit of a stress-fest.

Signet personalised engraving ringsBut worry not! The elves at Laura Lee are here to help and we’re giving you all a gift buying heads up ~ come and see us and take your pick. We have plenty of beautiful jewels to choose from, classics with which you can’t go wrong and our very special 18ct gold cabinet, where new delightful gems are constantly arriving in all sorts of styles and price ranges.

coin necklaces stars personalised engraved

Bespoke engraving and personalised pieces need to be ordered as soon as possible – ideally by the end of next week (December 1st). We make everything by hand and so we need a little bit of time to be able to make your dream present.

Let us know what you’d like to treat someone with this year and enjoy the calm before Christmas.

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