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Discover our darkly romantic Paint It Black collection

Discover our darkly romantic Paint It Black collection

Our newest collection mixes dark romance with low-key witchy glamour. The pieces combine the steely midnight tones of antiqued silver with shimmering black peacock pearls and rustic diamonds for understated, laid-back sparkle.  

From charms to chains, you’ll find a range of new pieces featuring instantly recognizable icons, like lightning bolts and tiny arrows.

When designing the new collection, Laura channelled a candlelit Georgian party in an art deco bohemian night club – with a punk rock soundtrack. She was inspired by gothic icons like Morticia Adams and rock legends like Alison Mosshart, Primal Scream, and Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Inspired by both alternative rock and gothic grandeur, these pieces are at once understated and bold. They feature recurring geometric shapes like chevrons, spikes, arrows, and lightning bolts – the latter of which puts us in mind of David Bowie and his genius Ziggy Stardust incarnation.

You’ll find lightning bolts in studs, charms and dangling earrings, set with shimmering diamonds to create flashes of light, while teeny arrows sit pretty in studs and delicate necklaces.

For a vintage vibe, choose one of our onyx cameos featuring a slumbering Man in the Moon motif. Or, for a glittering statement, try the collection’s namesake Paint It Black Chevron necklace – inspired by New York city’s art deco Chrysler building – which layers well with other necklaces, like our textured boyfriend chains.

This bright new collection sits happily alongside previous releases while being the perfect addition as we delve into the dark half of the year. Treat yourself to something new and layer up on sparkle and shimmer for those crisp wintry days and candlelit nights.

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