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Say ‘I do’ to our new winter bridal collection

Say ‘I do’ to our new winter bridal collection

This winter sees the launch of our first dedicated bridal range. The collection, titled ‘Into my Arms’ , consists of beautiful engagement rings, wedding bands and a variety of stunning to jewellery to adorn the whole bridal party.

The striking collection is the result of many influences, yet still remains traditional. When designing the pieces, Laura was inspired by wintry snowscapes and frozen lakes, detailed portraits of tawny owls by Australian photographer Leila Jeffreys and the passionate relationship portrayed in Jacques Audiard’s 2012 film ‘Rust and Bone’, as well as the haunting lyrics of Nick Caves’ beautiful song that shares its name with this collection. This eclectic range layers an array of ideas, tones and colours, all channelled into a collection made to celebrate every kind of love.

Each piece of jewellery in the collection is named after a celestial body. The star-flecked night sky and the paintings of Peter Doig also inspired the black detailing and darkly romantic designs.

The colour palette deviates from traditional pink and cream notions of romance, instead embracing wilder, wintry shades of silver-grey and minky-champagne diamonds set against raw white, yellow and some touches of rose gold. The elegant style and Georgian settings keep each piece timeless. This is jewellery you will treasure wearing on the big day and every day after.

For brides looking for a subtle hint of colour, the collection includes engagement rings with pastel sapphires – an enduring alternative to more classic styles. If pastels aren’t your thing, perhaps you’ll fall for the mink-brown and jet-black diamonds set in delicate lines of gold. These darker designs have been crafted to accentuate delicate wrists and the long languid lines of a neck.

The range also includes several earring designs in both stud and drop styles. Softly sparkling sapphires or diamonds will add a touch of sparkle to ears and perfectly complement any bridal style.

It’s apt that ‘Into My Arms’ launches this season, as flickering candlelight and wintry romance are the perfect partners to this ethereal bridal collection.  

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