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Les Jardins des jolie Tuileries

This past week has seen us at the 
Jardins des Tuileries in Paris,
 for the SS13 Premiere Classe show.

Here's a little run through of our stay.

With gorgeous stands by the ever 
clever Harry Hasson,
we were able to showcase our new collection in minimalist style.

Bold popping colours, glistening geometrics and coordinated outfits,
see how we do...

The Crysophrase pieces were a big hit,
no wonder with a colour that eye catching, 
it was hard to miss!

 We absolutely loved our stand, it was like a dip dyed haven of jewels!

 Dominique on our short walk to the venue...
I know! It was the highlight of our day!


 What a view... 
Big thanks to the organisers of the show
for hosting such an amazing party for us exhibitors!

A beautiful and generous gift from our friend on the last day of the show...
Neely, it was delicious!!
Thaaaaank you!

All in all, a great trip,
'Au revoir fair Paris
until next time'


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