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Treats for Mama

Looking for a gift idea for
 yo'Mama, or baby Mama?
Here are a few pieces we thought 
that she'd absolutely love!

The engraved bands are a popular choice. 
They are delicate, flattering and suit everybody! 

The rings come in silver, 
rose gold or yellow gold.
There are a variety of inscriptions
 to chose from, 
to give your gift extra personality.

The Love Token necklace is one of our favourites, especially in the rose gold!
Otherwise, you can't go wrong
 with the gift of pearls...
This is a friendly little number, 
the Pearl Bracelet. So dainty and beautiful, it's a sure winner.

Pop into the shop or buy something online, whichever way, we will wrap it up so pretty she'll squeak with glee! 

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