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The Laura Lee Rocks Mixtape - July 2017


The Laura Lee Rocks Mixtape

"What should we listen to next?" is probably one of the most asked questions around here. We just can't work in silence, we need something to sing (and dance) along to while we go about our day.

So we created a playlist based on what we do best: rocks. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, tourmalines... We love them all, so we are paying them a small tribute. You can find it on Spotify and at the bottom of this page also.

Here are our picks:

'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' by Marilyn Monroe - chosen by Laura (Boss Lady) 

'Ruby Tuesday' by The Rolling Stones - chosen by Aimée (Head of the Making of all the Lovely Things)

'Diamante (English version) by Zucchero - chosen by Elisa (Social Media Manager via Italy)

'Under Pressure' by Queen & David Bowie - chosen by Darja (Wholesale Manager and Cat Lady)

'Diamonds' by Rihanna - chosen by Rea (Retail Customer Service Queen)

'Material girl' by Madonna - chosen by Agostina (Studio Manager and Chief DJ)

'Diamonds in the soles of her shoes' by Paul Simon - chosen by Clara (Workshop Assistant and Champion Hula Hooper)

'Ruby baby' by The Drifters - chosen by Nicky (PR Manager and Fabulous Baker)

'Diamond Lil' by David Bromberg - chosen by Johnny (Bookeeper extraordinaire)

'Ruby' by Kaiser Chiefs - chosen by Rachel (Boutique Assistant and Mum of Baby Layla)

  'Diamonds and Pearls' by Prince - chosen by Sharlene (Boss Queen of Retail)


We hope you enjoy listening to this playlist as much as we do! What is your favourite stone? Let us know.

The LLJ Team x

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