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The October Birthstone - Opals


Opals are undoubtedly one of Laura Lee's favourite stones to work with. Their luminescense, breath taking colour combinations & sheer beauty mean you really do find yourself gazing at them, turning them in the light, for far longer than you meant to.

Laura Lee Jewellery Desert Gold & Opal Necklace
Desert Gold Necklace £585

However they haven't always been so adored. In 1829 Sir Walter Scott published the novel, Anne of Geierstein. He wrote of Lady Hermione, a woman falsely accused of being a Demoness, who wore an Opal in her hair that changed colour depending on her mood. Lady Hermione is tLKragically killed when a drop of 'Holy Water' falls on her Opal. Just months after publication, sales of Opals plumetted by more than 50% - & from there on, Opals were considered superstitious and quickly became unfashionable. The market did not recover for another fifty years when a large rare black opal was discovered in Australia and proved exceptionally popular, however Opals remained a symbol of bad luck for many years afterwards.

Nowadays our Opal jewellery is our most popular - worn by our most treasured customers as well as being a particular favourite amongst Stylists & Fashion Editors, Artists & Bloggers. 

The Orbit Ring by Laura Lee Jewellery - Opal set into Silver on a 9ct Gold Band
Large Opal Ring £435

Opals are October's official birthstone - but as well as being one of nature's prettiest stones - it's also known for his healing properties. It has historically been worn to ward off depression and malaise, as well as magically uniting the unlucky in love with their soulmates. 

Others believe the fantastic colour play of Opal reflects our ever-changing emotions. Contrasting, unpredictable, fiery, glimmering and hypnotic - they parallel the variety of the human spirit. A reminder that our feelings and moods, they will come and go. 

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