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Pearls: The birthstone of June

Pearls: The birthstone of June

Pearls: The birthstone of June

From times before written history, the ancients believed that there were mystical forces in the world that were governed by planets. They also believed that gem stones, such as the pearl, were tuned to these mystical forces, conducting the energy of the stone’s ruling planet and effecting a person’s physical and emotional health. Gemstones themselves, were divided up by Zodiac sign and month of birth, becoming the birthstones we know today. Pearl is the birthstone of June, the month of weddings. If you are planning a June wedding, consider wearing pearls. Here is why.


In many cultures, pearls symbolise purity and innocence, due to their white colour. White is also associated with all of the Christian holy days and is used in all sorts of church services, from ordinations to baptisms and weddings. Another thing that makes pearls perfect for a bride to wear at her wedding is the fact that in ancient Greece, it was thought that they are the hardened, joyous tears of Aphrodite, goddess of love.

When to Wear Pearls

A pearl pendant can be worn at any time, though they are especially nice on your wedding day as this white gem, the only one made from a living creature, symbolises honesty, chastity and humility. They are also a symbol of lasting love and commitment between you and your partner.

Bride’s maids may also wear pearls during the wedding, in celebration and to compliment the bride.


If you are going to gift a pearl pendant to your wife or partner, there is no better time to do it than right before the wedding. Pearls also make great anniversary gifts, as they remind you of the commitment the two of you share. You will never regret giving her this most beautiful and pure of stones.

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