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Our 18ct Gold 'Premium Collection'

As the majority of our regular customers will probably know, we make some very special one-off pieces that are for sale exclusively from our Covent Garden Boutique (that would be what we like to call, 'the fancy cabinet' in the middle of the shop floor).

The good news is that it will very soon be available to buy online! We decided that our further afield customers shouldn't miss out - so we'll be selling a selection of these goodies online.

In the mean time here are a few of the beauties that will be on the website in a matter of weeks! And if you just can't wait that long - and who'd blame you - just email us at online@lauraleejewellery.com and we'll process the purchase the old fashioned way.

18ct yellow gold and tourmaline crystal necklace

So super new it doesn't have a fancy white background! This dude will be at the boutique just as soon as it's back from the photographer. Tourmaline Crystal Necklace set in 18ct gold on an 18ct gold chain.

18ct yellow gold bracelet with sapphires, tanzanite and kyanite. pack shot. boutique jewellery store.

Our 18ct yellow gold and graduated Sapphire bracelet.


Our Eclipse necklace in 18ct yellow gold on a longer chain - set with shiny bright white diamonds and engraved with 'We are all made of stars". Like our regular Eclipse necklace, but like, way fancier.


This huge crazy mega-ass stack! LOOK AT IT. What a heap of absolute joy. These are all available from the boutique and soon will be available online!

From the top

1. Our 18ct gold & diamond eternity band 2. 18ct rose gold and sapphire scalloped eternity band. 3. Our 18ct white gold and diamond scalloped eternity band. 4. 18ct matte yellow gold hexagonal band 5. 18ct rose gold and sapphire eternity band 6. 18ct matte rose gold hexagonal band 7. The micro sparkler: 18ct yellow gold and white diamonds 8. 18ct matte white gold hexagonal band 9. 18ct matte yellow gold wide band


18ct yellow gold and diamond thread-through earrings. Super delicate - mega chic.


And lastly, these tiny 18ct yellow gold stud earrings. An absolutely necessary addition to your earlobes... definitely.

THERE IS SO MUCH TO COME. Its very exciting and we think you're going to LOVE it. As I said if you need something right now, RIGHT NOW. Please email online@lauraleejewellery.com or call the shop on 0207 3799050 - we have the prices too.


CPT @LLJ xxx

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