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*.*Festive Fun*.*


Whether you find it far too early,
or just perfect timing.
Our window has been dressed up all pretty for the Christmas Season,
 our new collection launch!

 Through the snowy blizzard we find letters on their way to
Father Christmas!
 So I hope that you have all written up your lists,
time is running out!
 Be sure to let the elves at LLJ know
if there's anything extra special
 you wanted made as soon as you can, 
we will need to make sure it's finished before the big day!
So many letters from those big and small,
I wonder how many jewels will
be wanted by all...?
 And with all of that, it ends with
a kiss...
Be sure to come join us tonight for some
'Festive Fun'

The boutique is hosting a little party
 as I speak, until 8pm tonight.
Come find us!

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